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Re: Debian on Phone as webserver

On Thu, 13 Dec 2018 18:31:16 +0100
Marek Mosiewicz <marek.mosiewicz@jotel.com.pl> wrote:

> I'm just about having static IP for my LTE connection.
> That brings me to some idea. What about having install Debian on ARM
> old phone to have it as web server. They have quite modern hardware
> and this is of course depending on web application, but I suspect that
> ordinary PHP website could be served quite easily.
> It can be connected to web as LTE or be bounded to router location via
> WiFi or USB cable (that is for sure can be done)
> Battery means that it can monitor easily possible shutdown of system.
> Are there any experiences with installing Debian on phones ?

The Gemini phone from Planet Computers runs debian and kali.
(Also android, lineageOS on its way, and sailfish).

hope this helps.

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