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Re: Low-Cost Tablet PC suitable for Debian

Am Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2018, 16:34:14 CET schrieb Cindy-Sue Causey:
Hi Cindy,
> SCRATCH THAT.. This few seconds later, I remembered it ALSO... needed
> to potentially be portable...

Yeah, weight is a point.
> And NOW it's coming to mind that touchscreen was also mentioned
> meaning that might be needed for some reason as to why tablet was
> specifically referenced.

Hmpf, ok. Swiping is importatant??? Jeee.....
> Not all bad. Maybe somewhere there's a shop that could still make that
> screened contraption for theirs.
> Cindy :)

With the dust protection I meant more, that the cooler wholes for airflow are 
covered with an airfilter, so that dust could not reach the inside of the 
computer, but air can. You can put this yourself into any computer. I suppose, 
you know, what I mean (my bad Engllish). 

I also thought of using a box, but then you need an external screen (think of 
a RaspberryPi i.e.). However, using a RasPi came also in my mind as it needs 
no cooler (passive cooling is enough), should be fast enough and cheap. And it 
is also small and light weighted. And there are touchscreens available for it. 
It is fully debian supported. Mouse and keybpoard can be wireless and easily 
be exchanged when full of dust. As mouse you can aslo use a touchpad (which 
you can protect of scratches with a foil).  

Also thought of a micro mainboard, but these also need an external screen and 
a cooler. So bad idea,

However, you some tablets can still be diassembled, so you can put it into 
your own dustcover. And needs no cooler. 

But please remember: It is no full debian! Although: Some tablets are able to 
run kali-linux (like the Nexus One), which is based on and 99 percent debian.

Just my ideas..... Hope this helps.

Best wishes 


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