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Re: issues with stretch, issue 2 from many

On 27-11-2018, at 13h 52'25", Ionel Mugurel Ciobîcă wrote about "issues with stretch, issue 2 from many"
> Dear all,
> Question 2.1: Why .xsession is not read and .xsessionrc is read?
> Question 2.2: Who starts the second call of fvwm? If I comment out the
> fvwm call in .xsession(rc) then the fvwm doesn't use the ssh-agent
> (for example). At the moment I simply deleted x-window-manager, so
> when I logout from fvwm I get a error/warning instead of a new fvwm
> session.

This issue is no longer relevant. I cannot re-reproduced it. Now the
.xsession is read as it should be. Also if I keep it as .xsessionrc
the second fvwm session will actually make use of the content of

I did not do any updates lately, I am not sure what solved this...

So, I am back using the .xsession, no more issues with xdm/fvmw combo.
Thank you all for contributing with ideas.

Kind regards,

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