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Re: issues with stretch, part 1 of many

On  8-12-2018, at 13h 59'28", Stefan Krusche wrote about "Re: issues with stretch, part 1 of many"
> Good day, Ionel,

Hi Stefan,

> This is just a guess.  Maybe you are looking for this option 
> in /etc/ssh/ssh_config:
> #   StrictHostKeyChecking ask

Mine is set to no. I did it way before contacting the list. I am not
asked the passphrase or if I want to store the host in the host list,
etc. I am asked if I allow to use the key. It makes no difference what
I type. Only Enter and Esc are active, and the mouse click on the OK
and Cancel buttons. Of course if I type stuff the squares of the
ssh-ask are turning blue, but that is of no importance.


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