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Re: General question about libs

Hans wrote:

> Hi Deloptes,
> the package (aka application) I wanted to port is called "umtsmon".
> You can find package and sources here:
> http://umtsmon.sourceforge.net/
> It is an awesome tool for utsm-stick. I found nothing similar and more
> easy to use. Strangely it is not well known, although most other tools I
> know like sakis3g, wicd, network-manager, kdial, vodafone-dial-manager 
> and some others are not as easy to use and have not this nice gui and
> functions as this nice tool.
> So I hope, we can get this into the repo, especioally as all other needed
> libs are still in the repo - except for libqt3-mt.
libqt3 is called now libtqt3

> If you can get this working, maybe you can also build for amd64? (do not
> know, how difficult this is).

I actually can build only for amd64 now

> My idea was, just to exchange the lib, repack, ready. Seems, this does
> notr work.

No the application must be ported as names changed in trinity to avoid
collision with KDE libs.

If the semi-automatic porting does not work, I do not have time to work on
this, but you can upload the code in a bug request and ask that someone
ports this. I'll try and let you know.


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