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General question about libs

Hi Folks, 

I would like to rebuild or repack an old application, which needs a library, 
which is no more used in debian. Due to this orphaned lib, this package can no 
more installed.

The lib, which is responsible is "libqt3-mt".  I believe, there might be a 
successor for this special lib.

For my understanding: 

1. If there is a successor for a special lib, does it then contain all 
routines of the older lib? Exactly: Can a lib just exchanged againts a newer 

2. If I want to rebuild the binary just because of the newer lib, can this 
just be done, by exchanging the entry of the old lib against a newer one?

3. If I do not want to rebuild the sources, just repack the  package, so that 
its dependencies fits again in debians repo, will it work, when just 
exchanging the lib in the "control" file in the package?

The package, I am dealing with, is called "umtsmon".

If my way of thinking is complete wrong , please don't mind. 

Best regards


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