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Re: General question about libs

Am Freitag, 7. Dezember 2018, 00:13:20 CET schrieb deloptes:
Hi Deloptes,

the package (aka application) I wanted to port is called "umtsmon".

You can find package and sources here:

It is an awesome tool for utsm-stick. I found nothing similar and more easy to 
use. Strangely it is not well known, although most other tools I know like 
sakis3g, wicd, network-manager, kdial, vodafone-dial-manager  and some others 
are not as easy to use and have not this nice gui and functions as this nice 

So I hope, we can get this into the repo, especioally as all other needed libs 
are still in the repo - except for libqt3-mt. 

If you can get this working, maybe you can also build for amd64? (do not know, 
how difficult this is).

My idea was, just to exchange the lib, repack, ready. Seems, this does notr 

Thanks you very much for your help and best regards!


> Hans wrote:
> > I would like to rebuild or repack an old application, which needs a
> > library, which is no more used in debian. Due to this orphaned lib, this
> > package can no more installed.
> > 
> > The lib, which is responsible is "libqt3-mt".  I believe, there might be a
> > successor for this special lib.
> Hi Hans,
> which application, because I personally ported couple of older qt3 (kde3)
> applications to TDE (trinity desktop) which is successor of KDE3. So there
> is might be a chance that if ported app works. Also it is possible to just
> use the KDE3.5 LTS
> As for if it would provide the same functionality in this specific case
> (kde3 -> tde) the answer is yes.
> There could be also surprises i.e. HAL -> UDEV. So if you have HAL
> dependency it will not work as udev was adopted later.
> https://www.trinitydesktop.org/
> regards

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