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Re: Recommendation for Virtual Machine and Instructions to set it up?

On Thu, Dec 06, 2018 at 10:37:51PM -0500, rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:
> I'll probably try some of this starting tomorrow afternoon, but, just for the 
> record, the programmer did fine -- he modified the program and got it working on 
> his Ubuntu system, and created a binary for me.  The problem now is to get the 
> binary to work on my Wheezy or Jessie system.
> Of course, looking at what you did, maybe I should get the source of his 
> changes and then try compiling it myself (in a sid chroot).  I guess the C++ 
> in sid is C++17?  (I'm not sure how much code in scite / scintilla actually 
> uses C++17 features, nor if the lexer he is writing for me uses C++17 
> features.)

No problem.

Perhaps I should have taken more care with my phrasing.  I am sure the
programmer here is doing a fine job.  In my experience, the weakest area
for nearly every programmer I meet is build systems.  Interestingly
enough, I lectured in class today and build systems and their
importance.  This is a case where understanding some of the "extras"
that many other programmers either overlook or do not have to deal with
is key to solving the problem.

As far as what you do next, it should be sufficient to have him swap
'-lstdc++' for '-static-libstdc++' and then rebuild.  That should get
you a working binary.



Roberto C. Sánchez

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