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Re: systemd+anacron breaks cron jobs

Am 05.12.18 um 08:54 schrieb Kamil Jońca:
> "User" task aren't started until user logs in. (You should play with
> enable-linger,

I haven't read the full discussion, so I missed the part that you are
apparently using a user crontab.

Just curious: Why are you starting the backup task via a user crontab
and not as a system cron job? Are you only saving the users /home/

It's correct, that "systemd --user"  is started if you log in, or if you
explicitly enable linger for this user (then it is started during boot).

>  which in turn, can break ALL your "user" units)

I'd be interested to know, what exactly you have in mind here. I'm not
aware of such a breakage.


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