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Re: I'd like help reporting an anomaly/bug with wifi and NetworkManager under Buster

On Mon, 3 Dec 2018 09:41:21 -0600
craig macdonald <zz.2008.10@orange.fr> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've discovered a small bug in linux (wifi?) networking, but I haven't
> been able to report it because I don't seem to know the correct package
> to report the bug against.
> I bought an older, "obsolete" usb wifi adapter (D-Link DWA-130, Rev. F)
> after reading of the difficulties using up-to-date wifi adapters and
> after confirming more or less that this one ought to work with firmware
> and driver available in the firmware-ralink package.
> I installed the usb wifi adapter and firmware-misc-nonfree on a desktop
> computer running Buster. The computer could then see several nearby
> wifi routers, including my own, but it COULD NOT connect to any of
> them, even with the access passwords.
> The computer uses NetworkManager to manage the wifi connenction.

To provide more useful information, you need to test things using
simpler, lower level tools, such as ifconfig / iwconfig and ip, and
record the terminal output, and even more importantly, the messages
that appear in syslog.

> ==Troubleshooting:==
> I installed the same D-Link adapter on another computer (same make and
> model) running Jessie, along with the firmware-ralink package (as it
> was called under Jessie) and it all works fine together, again using
> NetworkManager to manage the wifi connection. The D-Link DWA-130 usb
> wifi adapter is able to see the nearby wifi routers and to connect to
> the internet with the appropriate router password.
> I found a workaround (detailed below) to allow this usb wifi adapter to
> work under Buster. Wishing to be a good FOSS citizen, I filed a bug
> report against the firmware-misc-nonfree (firmware-ralink) package
> (that was my best guess for the location of the problem).


> === Workaround: ===
> I am able to make the D-link usb wifi adapter work under Debian Buster by creating the file
> /lib/udev/rules.d/70-wifi.rules
> which contains this single line (address comes from device name "wlx74dada1c2b5d"):
> SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", ATTR{address}=="74:da:da:1c:2b:5d", NAME="wlan0"


> After a day or so, the maintainer of the package firmware-ralink closed
> the bug report, saying "This has nothing to do with firmware-ralink.
> Neither the firmware nor the driver cares what the device name is."

That certainly sounds correct, although a more helpful / less busy
maintainer might have helped figure out where to reassign the bug.

> OK, fine, but how should I now proceed at this point?
> I'd like to help the community correct what seems to be a problem
> somewhere in the linux networking system, possibly specific to wifi,
> but I have NO IDEA what package to mention when filing a new bug report
> if it wouldn't be firmware-misc-nonfree.

As above, more useful system output would be helpful in figuring out
where the problem lies.

In the non-working configuration, try to use iwconfig / ifconfig / ip
to connect to an access point and bring the interface up, and if it
doesn't work, post the output and logs (copy and paste the exact text
- don't summarize or paraphrase), and we'll see if we can figure out
what's going on.

And thanks for trying to report bugs!


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