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Re: Why has nouveau vs. NVIDIA problem not been addressed?

On 16.11.2018 10:48, Greg Marks wrote:
As of October 2017, I found that running the command "nvidia-detect" followed by "install nvidia-driver" (as recommended by the first command) conflicted with the lightdm display manager and prevented graphical login. Does that problem remain? Sincerely, Greg Marks
My guess, you've falsely blamed lightdm. My current setup is Debian 9 'stretch' with Xfce 4.12 (xfwm4 + lightdm).
System was gradually updated to next stable release each time, with different prop.nvidia driver versions installed from stable repo, Xfce, X.org and everything was working without extra tinkering. Of course, this is on PC, without any weird hardware configurations, like dual graphics (Optimus on laptop), or multi-screen setups.
I also have an old netbook with nvidia ION, and it is also working fine with Xfce and legacy nvidia driver utilizing Optimus technology.

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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