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Re: Pulseaudio as bluetooth Headset Audio Gateway (HSP/HFP)

Martin wrote:

> I guess, my description was a kind of misleading: I want to connect the
> phone (Samsung A3) to the PC's audio system, which is Pulseaudio in this
> case. Just like you would connect it to a headset or your car's hands free
> bluetooth thing.

I understood that you want to connect, what is not clear is what role it
will play. Which functionality do you want to use?
Example: Phone Audio to PC (Audio Source) or PC Audio to Phone (Audio Sink).

> As I understand, ofono builds the foundation to an actual telephony
> hardware, right?

Ofono provides the HSP/HFP profile if it is not running you can not use the
profile. You can try stopping ofono or removing it. 

You can enforce the profile with bluetoothctl (which was necessary with PA <
11.99). After this I think PA stores the profile as default for the device.

HSP/HFP is necessary if you want to use a headset on the PC and route the
audio from/to the phone (speaker/microphone).

> But thanks to you anyway! Quite interesting, what people are hacking on.


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