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Re: 100Base-FX (SC) card PCI/PCIe

Hello Eike,

Am 2018-11-07 hackte Eike Lantzsch in die Tasten:
> Hi Michelle Konzack,
> between buildings fibre optics is always the best bet, because of
> differences
> in earth potential and the danger of lightning hits. These do not have
> to hit
> the cables directly. Strong earth currents in the case of a tree being
> hit or
> another building being hit may destroy most of your infrastructure in
> a wink
> of the eye.

I know.

But my here pros and cons:

                       100Base-TX                100Base-FX SC
                        Ethernet                  Multi-Mode

1) Lengt                 =<100m                        2km
2) Lightning hits       requires                       ---
3) Env.Temperatur    -40°C no problem                 ???
4) Price                =< 0,50?/m             arround 120?/100m
5)                   easy to find switches    Most only professional
                      with external power    switches with integrated
                            supply              Power supply (230V)

I found the "HP ProCurve 1600M" (16-port. under 100?) and the 4-port
"HP J4112A 100Base-FX Module" (approx. 50?). This would be perfect,
except for the Power Supply.

The question is:

Is it possibel to replace the 230V Power supply by a DC-DC-Inverter?
Recom and Traco have a huge sortiment...

Or use simply my D-Link 5/8-Port GreenSwitches and use a load of
TP-Link MC100CM in my "Server Bunker"?  On the other End I could
use the Microsens MS453111 which has 7 Ethernet and one FX ports.

Thanks in advance

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400

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