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Re: Recommendation on partition sizes

> I was reading about swap recently and fell upon (like a sword) this
> remark from 2005 from Andrew Morton:
>   Create the swapfile when the filesystem is young and empty, it'll be
>   nice and contiguous.  Once created the kernel will never add or
>   remove blocks.

He's talking about swap *files*: space in file systems tends to fragment.

> Can it be inferred that excessive (LVM) resizing would be detrimental
> contiguity-wise, and thus also performance-wise, or is this
> insignificant and not a concern?

The issue also exists, but it's *much* less significant, since there's
*much* less activity of adding/removing/resizing, and it's done in much
larger increments and LVM imposes a minimum granularity, so even if it
ends up not 100% contiguous in practice it can be ignored.


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