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Re: Recommendation on partition sizes

Le 04/11/2018 à 16:45, Stefan Monnier a écrit :
Andy Smith <andy@strugglers.net> writes:

Seems excessive. Without service-specific data or /var, my servers
generally use under 2GiB for /, so dedicating 40GiB to it is likely
to be wasteful.

IMO on a server setup service specific data should be stored in a separate filesystem mounted on /srv, not in the / filesystem.

I use LVM volumes for my swap space, which is yet another option, one
that can be grown and shrunk easily, online.

You can resize a logical volume online, but AFAIK you cannot resize a swap area online (while in use) ; you must disable it (i.e. reload its contents back into memory), re-create it with the new size and re-enable it. Not an option when the swap space is filling up and you quickly need to add some more. Fortunately LVM allows to easily create a new volume for extra swap.

One of the benefits [of LVM] also is that you get to *name* your
volumes, so you don't need to mess with meaningless UUIDs.

And please, folks, don't :
- give meaningless names such as vg1, vg2, lv1, lv2... to your VGs and LVs ;
- add affixes such as "vg" or "lv" to your VG and LV names. This produces ugly device names and is really not needed. You already know they are VG or LV names.

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