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Re: Raid


On Mon, Nov 05, 2018 at 02:53:34PM +0000, Finariu Florin wrote:
>  I have a motherboard EPC602D8A with 2chipsets: Intel C602 (Sata2 x 4, Sata3 x 2)

A fakeraid aka Intel Martix RAID. There should be some mdadm support
for this, but you might as well use mdadm to create your RAID from SSDs

> and Marvell SE9172 (Sata3x 2).

A fakeraid, but without sensible mdadm support. Again, end result is
hardly distinguishable from mdadm RAID.

>  When I start installation of OS in the section 'detectdisk' it's show me nothing ask me to verify if the SSDs areconnected. When I install OS with no Raid partition it see all SSD Ihave plugged. I verified all SSDs one by one all cables too butnothing...
>  So how can I see the Raids created in Bios?

I'd start by removing these 'RAID controllers' altogether and throwing
them to a nearest garbage pile. Next I'd buy something from Adaptec or
LSI (hint - eBay). If it does not have BBU it's not a real RAID
controller anyway.

But I suspect that it's not an option for you, so I'd start by trying to
detect mdadm drives in d-i.


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