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Re: Raid

Finariu Florin: 
>  Hi,somebody can help me with some information about why I can not seethe Raid0 created in bios?
>  I have a motherboard EPC602D8A with 2chipsets: Intel C602 (Sata2 x 4, Sata3 x 2) and Marvell SE9172 (Sata3x 2). I create in BIOS a Raid0 on Marvel and another Raid0 on IntelC602.
>  When I start installation of OS in the section 'detectdisk' it's show me nothing ask me to verify if the SSDs areconnected. When I install OS with no Raid partition it see all SSD Ihave plugged. I verified all SSDs one by one all cables too butnothing...
>  So how can I see the Raids created in Bios? Issomething else should I do to be able to see them? I tried on RedHat,Fedora, CentOS, Kubuntu but the same thing!
> So if you haveinformations about this please help me !

Ah, this is because your BIOS RAID is what is referred to as
FakeRAID. It's neither a hardware controller (and thus
OS-independent) nor fully OS controlled (and thus transferrable
to another system). While there used to be some support in
Linux, it's really a Windows thing -- and not all that well
supported in Windows.

My recommendation is to tell your BIOS they are all independent disks,
and use either Linux's mdadm to assemble them into RAIDs or, if you want
a little more excitement, use btrfs or ZFS instead.


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