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Re: IT IS A BUG -- Re: Strangeness when binary executable overwritten by text -- bug or feature?

On 2018-11-05, Greg Wooledge <wooledg@eeg.ccf.org> wrote:
> In this case, he probably "told it to run in a terminal", and whether
> the terminal uses a login shell or not is irrelevant.  The fact that
> now it's running the program inside a terminal (or possibly a terminal
> plus a shell), instead of directly executing the program within an X11
> session but outside of a terminal, is what causes the changed behavior.

So this comes down to him running the vitiated program from a terminal
and therefore getting an error message (rather than dead silence) of
some sort (like, "Ouch, you clumsy brute, think I got prepended by a man
page and became inoperable") and believes this should be the default
behavior when running any and all programs/executables from his file

> See my previous message in this thread for a discussion of the treatment
> of ENOEXEC by various shells and non-shell programs.
> It would be helpful if we knew *which* GUI launcher was in use.  Someone
> may know precisely how it operates, so we could avoid guesswork and
> assumptions.

I think he did mention Caja at one point.

> Also remember to whom you're responding here.  Richard Owlett has quite
> a reputation on this list, and some research into his past threads might
> be informative.

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