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Live USB System on USB Stick


I am helping a friend install Debian (currently Stretch) on a Lenovo Ideapad 320 Laptop.  He is suffering from a well-known issue, where the Elantech Touchpad doesn't work.  (He gets around it, with an external, USB Mouse).   The Scuttle, on multiple Linux Forums, say that the the Touchpad "should work", with the 4.14 version of the Kernel.  

Since I only see him once or twice a week, I want something that can Test this, without hurting what's installed on his system.  

Does Debian support Live Boot Sid?  (I went to their Live Boot page, and they want to "Shuttle" me to Stable).

Alternatively, can one install Kernel 4.14 on Stable (say, with Backports)?  Does it break many of the Stable Packages?

Thank you kindly, and best regards,

Kenneth Parker, Computer Consultant

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