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Re: More info - was [Re: Synaptic fails to fix broken packages]

On 2018-10-05, Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> wrote:

>> I'm not the OP, but the place where I plan to use (apt-get) upgrade and not 
>> dist-upgrade is Jessie (Debian 8).
> Debian 8 is obsolete; it doesn't even receive security updates.
> dist-upgrade is most unlikely to bring it to its knees.

I've never used dist-upgrade on stable (except to make the ascension from
one release to the next).

In the uncommon (in my humble experience with the stable distribution)
event a package is held back, I apt-get upgrade that foo-lish package
(at which point apt informs me what it plans to do, and asks for my
explicit approval). Usually it wants to install some additional
package; rarely it desires the removal of something (a something that no
longer depends on anything).

There's never a slew of these held-backs at any given time (I upgrade
daily), so this isn't a painstaking or time-consuming procedure.

The tempest here for me is kind of confined to a teapot.

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