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Re: Synaptic fails to fix broken packages

Dan Purgert wrote:
> Richard Owlett wrote:
>> I received an email with an attachment in .doc format.
>> I clicked to open with default program - LibreOffice Writer.
>> All I got was a brief display of the LibreOffice flash screen.
>> I tried to open from MATE's Application menu - failed likewise.
> You sure that the *doc wasn't broken-by-design (i.e. one of the various
> types of malware that tend to use *doc files, etc.)?

  my first thought too, i don't open any word
processor type documents sent to me via e-mail 
unless i absolutely trust the source and have 
verified by phone or prior conversation what it 
was to be sent to me AND WHEN <-- like i may 
open something sent to me a few minutes or an
hour from someone i know, but later than that
i'll assume someone's hacked their system or is
scanning e-mails and sending possible gunk.

  and, yes, i have gotten e-mails from someone
i thought was a valid account but it was hacked
and i never opened them.  i sent a plain text
question to them to that e-mail address and 
never heard a reply.  yah*oo e-mail addresses
seem commonly abused/cracked and i have seen
evidence of plain text e-mail scanning (using 
certain words or names in attempts to get me to 
think they actually know me).

  so, um, be careful out there!  :)


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