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Apache and PHP-FPM


I have a web server with Apache 2.4 running in worker mode and multiple php version with FPM service running in dynamic mode.

Sometimes php-fpm stop responding and I got a 503 error on php request but apache still respond to http request to other files (css, js, jpeg, ...) then after a while apache stop respond (nothing logged on error log neither in access log). I have to restart apache and php-fpm services to unlock the server.

Off course it's append while I have malicious activity on the server, the last time it's happen I found a SQL injection attempt that causing lot of php error (maybe an infinite loop).

How can I avoid these kind of situation? Can I optimize actual settings? Should I use mpm_event with apache and/or ondemand process manager with PHP-FPM?

mpm_worker config:

    StartServers             2
    MinSpareThreads         25
    MaxSpareThreads         75
    ThreadLimit             64
    ThreadsPerChild         25
    MaxRequestWorkers      150
    MaxConnectionsPerChild   0

php-fpm pool config:

pm = dynamic
pm.max_children = 5
pm.start_servers = 2
pm.min_spare_servers = 1
pm.max_spare_servers = 3



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