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Re: using a Windows 7 disk image with KVM?

On 2018-09-20 02:11 PM, didier gaumet wrote:
Le 20/09/2018 à 19:25, Gary Dale a écrit :

Thanks. I also use the virt-manager GUI. However what it does is store
the options and creates the command line, so its rarely relevant.
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to expose the firmware option once the VM
is created.

I've installed the package but to get to the firmware option, I had to
create a new VM. When I went to remove the old one, I missed unchecking
the delete storage files box. Now I'll have to create a new disk image.
:(  It's what I get for doing this with a cold and only one cup of
coffee today.

I'll try again later since I have to shut down the source machine to
take the image and that machine is in use.
- I have done a quick and dirty try to import a Win iso: when I click
"Customize config before Install" (something like that: being french, my
Debian is in french), I can chose between BIOS and UEFI.

- It seems (I am not sure) that there is a virt-manager bug (and its
fix) that might be of significance in your case:
- some more info on enabling UEFI in libvirt:
I'm pleased to report that with the firmware change, the new image booted fine first try! Now I just need to do a little tuning.


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