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Re: using a Windows 7 disk image with KVM?

On 2018-09-20 04:09 AM, didier gaumet wrote:
>From what you describe, I would surmise that the main problem is that
you use BIOS instead of UEFI to boot your Windows image: if it is not
already installed, install the ovmf package and invoke KVM with the
needed parameters.
There is an ovmf page in the Ubuntu wiki:

Disclaimer: I have never imported Windows pre-existing images and I do
not use QEMU/KVM directly, only through the virt-manager GUI

Thanks. I also use the virt-manager GUI. However what it does is store the options and creates the command line, so its rarely relevant. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to expose the firmware option once the VM is created.

I've installed the package but to get to the firmware option, I had to create a new VM. When I went to remove the old one, I missed unchecking the delete storage files box. Now I'll have to create a new disk image.  :(  It's what I get for doing this with a cold and only one cup of coffee today.

I'll try again later since I have to shut down the source machine to take the image and that machine is in use.

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