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Re: using a Windows 7 disk image with KVM?

Le 20/09/2018 à 19:25, Gary Dale a écrit :

> Thanks. I also use the virt-manager GUI. However what it does is store
> the options and creates the command line, so its rarely relevant.
> Unfortunately it doesn't seem to expose the firmware option once the VM
> is created.
> I've installed the package but to get to the firmware option, I had to
> create a new VM. When I went to remove the old one, I missed unchecking
> the delete storage files box. Now I'll have to create a new disk image. 
> :(  It's what I get for doing this with a cold and only one cup of
> coffee today.
> I'll try again later since I have to shut down the source machine to
> take the image and that machine is in use.

- I have done a quick and dirty try to import a Win iso: when I click
"Customize config before Install" (something like that: being french, my
Debian is in french), I can chose between BIOS and UEFI.

- It seems (I am not sure) that there is a virt-manager bug (and its
fix) that might be of significance in your case:
- some more info on enabling UEFI in libvirt:

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