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Re: red SATA cable corruption (was: File with weird permissions, impossible to delete)

Gene Heskett composed on 2018-09-11 21:21 (UTC-0400):

> Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:

>> I would first identify the *cause* and replace all unreliable hardware
>> before bothering to restore from backup. If you have noticed some
>> corruption, you likely also have some unnoticed corruption. Continuing
>> to use unreliable hardware wastes your time and endangers your data.

> I will 2nd and 3rd Bens advice. Bad cables have been the huge majority of 
> such nefarious goings on. Particularly if they are bright red and 4+ 
> years old, put a tail on the log, and prod the cable gently with a 
> wooden pencil.  If the log blows up, bad cable, replace it with any 
> color but red. Preferably a month ago...

IMO, red because it's red is less likely than red because red was the dominant
color of SATA1 cables, not designed for SATA2 or SATA3 speeds newer hardware is
designed to use. IOW, if the cable is red, quite likely it is speed limited,
regardless whether the red dye is exposed to its conductors.
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