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Re: Sound in Stretch

On Tue, 11 Sep 2018 08:23:58 +0200
deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> wrote:

> Joe wrote:
> > On Mon, 10 Sep 2018 22:54:26 +0200  
> > 
> > OK, aplay -l as root sees my USB device as card 1.  
> why as root - are you in the audio group?

No users in audio yet apart from the original installation user. The
ssh user doesn't need sound, which will only ever be used by www-data.

But the infrastructure should be present without anyone logged in. In
the past, I've always been able to see /proc/asound as root. It's just
not there now. /dev sees the device.

I do have a Stretch workstation, also a clean installation, but that
has on-board Intel sound and is therefore a different beast. It
certainly does have a /proc/asound.

I also plugged in another USB sound device to the server, also as it
happens a C-Media device, but a different, much older one. Exactly the
same: syslog sees it being recognised, aplay -l sees it, but
speaker-test still can't see it and no additional modules are loaded.
Still no sign of /proc/asound, which I think is the main fault symptom.

> $ grep audio /etc/group
> audio:x:29:abcdef,pulse,timidity
> > 
> > I have various sound modules loaded, including snd, soundcore and
> > snd_usb_audio. I assume from this that my device driver has been
> > found.
> > 
> > Speaker-test is unable to find any sound cards.  
> what is the sound card, mainboard etc.?

It's a C-Media USB device, described by lsusb as a 'CM106 Like Sound
Device'. I can't see any obvious problems with this sort of thing on
the Net. The computer is a HP Proliant Microserver with AMD CPU and
graphics. It doesn't appear to have any on-board sound, and lshw
doesn't name the MB.

Again, this computer and sound device did work under Wheezy. I've been
using the device since before Wheezy, and bought it to replace the older
C-Media device. That was a very cheap VOIP device and seemed a bit
flaky, occasionally disconnecting from USB and immediately
reconnecting. Both devices produced sound OK.

Is there conceivably an issue in Stretch of having USB sound but no
on-board sound? Is that causing the boot process not to build the sound
infrastructure properly? There is a spare PCIe slot, but it's tiny, and
I'm not sure I can get a cheap card that will physically fit.


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