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Re: (solved) Re: sound card problem

On 09/05/2018 05:35 PM, Long Wind wrote:
PS: is recording quality of mic same as linein?

I would expect personal computer sound card line-in and microphone inputs to use the same design analog-to-digital converter. So, the sampling rates and bit depths should be the same.

But, microphone inputs are usually monaural. So, if you use a stereo patch cable from your television to your computer, you will only hear the left channel.

And, microphone inputs usually have more analog gain. So, you will need to turn the television volume down and/or reduce the microphone gain in your mixer application. Either can reduce the signal quality. Failure to do so will result in clipping.

You will get the best recording if you connect the television line-out to the computer line-in and match the signal levels.


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