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Re: (solved) Re: sound card problem

David Christensen wrote:

> I would expect personal computer sound card line-in and microphone
> inputs to use the same design analog-to-digital converter.  So, the
> sampling rates and bit depths should be the same.
> But, microphone inputs are usually monaural. So, if you use a stereo
> patch cable from your television to your computer, you will only hear
> the left channel.
> And, microphone inputs usually have more analog gain. So, you will need
> to turn the television volume down and/or reduce the microphone gain in
> your mixer application.  Either can reduce the signal quality.  Failure
> to do so will result in clipping.
> You will get the best recording if you connect the television line-out
> to the computer line-in and match the signal levels.

He does not know what brand his PC is and no info on the card - it is hard
to say where and how it should be plugged in.


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