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Re: question about memtest86+

On 08/24/2018 12:05 AM, Long Wind wrote:
Sorry, Ben, i made mistake, it isn't hp dx5150, it's lenovo
motherboard is 865GV-M8,

I'm having a hard time STFW for that motherboard. There are several motherboards that use the 865GV chipset, both socket 478 and LGA 775. Please provide a URL to the exact motherboard.

My two oldest machines have Intel D865GBFLK motherboards with socket 478 Pentium 4 processors (2.8E GHz and 3.4E GHz, respectively). They were getting hot under load with the stock Intel CPU coolers, so I switched to Zalman high-speed ducted fan CPU coolers. The processors run cooler now, but the fans are even noisier. The computers have always generated a fair amount of heat. I do not recall any thermal shutdown events. The place to look for such would be the BIOS event log.

it uses Dual DDR 400 memory
i've used it for about 5 years, it's OK except sometimes it's noisy
noise must come from fans in case

You probably have an LGA 775 model with a BIOS-controlled variable speed CPU fan that speeds up when the CPU is under load.

since it's OK,

Your computer is *not* OK if it shuts down during memory testing.

why should i bother with memory or overheat problem?

Because if you request help from people and then refuse to act upon reasonable advice, you are unlikely to solve your problem and they are less likely to advise you in the future.

it has 512M x 2, now i want to change one of them to 1G, so that total is 1.5G

That will defeat dual-channel mode. You want a matched pair of the biggest, fastest, and lowest latency memory modules that are recommended for that computer/ motherboard by the memory manufacturer.

That said, I hesitate before sinking money into obsolete computers. One of my old P4's has the original 2 @ 512 MB and 2 @ 256 MB modules from both computers; the other has 2 @ 1 GB upgrades from ~10 years ago.

i want to use memtester to test it, but it doesn't print progress, it seems i have to wait forever.

RTFM memtester(8). Tell it to use less memory and/or perform fewer iterations:


On 08/24/2018 03:51 AM, Long Wind wrote:
> i use xosview to monitor memory usage
> maybe i shall use big program (memory hog) to test memory
> but it sounds too unprofessional

It is professional to use the right tool for the job.

All of the above said, the best way to avoid memory problems is to have computers with ECC memory.


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