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Re: What's the right way to get an unbroken mc package installed in Stretch

Greg Wooledge composed on 2018-08-21 08:55 (UTC-0400):

> On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 08:36:30AM -0400, bw wrote:

>> On Mon, 20 Aug 2018, Felix Miata wrote:

>> > I configured stretch-backports in sources.list, but apparently
>> > it has no newer mc version available. 4.8.21 is on the mirrors, so I downloaded
>> > it from a mirror and installed it with dpkg. It works fine, but now apt is
>> > broken

> https://wiki.debian.org/DontBreakDebian

I know. I was tired after hours of Google offering Debian hits on *ubuntu.* URLs
instead of debian.org, not finding anything specific on debian.org, and
rebooting the USB stick I was trying to get configured with Stretch-based Slax,
which apparently has no detectable web forum or mailing list. With having
already installed unbroken mc packages successfully on other Stretch
installations I was puzzled by the "added" mc 4.28.21 deps:


>> >From what I have read, the way to do it would be backport the necessary 
>> pkgs yourself from testing.  

> And the procedure for doing this is at
> <https://wiki.debian.org/SimpleBackportCreation>. 

That starts with:
	1-Install Debian packaging tools

so for me it is a no go.

> The IRC bots have a
> simplified recipe as well, under the factoid name "simple sid backport"
> or "ssb" for short.

/topic at irc://freenode/#debian makes no mention of ssb.

looks unhelpful.

What do you mean by IRC bots?
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