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Re: connecting to two networks simultaneously on buster

On Tue 21 Aug 2018 at 16:39:13 (+0100), Eric S Fraga wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a laptop running buster (testing) which connects to my wireless
> network (192.xxx).  I also have a new Gemini PDA (also running Debian
> but stretch in this case) which connects to the same network.  So far,
> so normal.
> However, I can connect the Gemini PDA via USB cable to the laptop and
> both systems will have two different networks available, with the USB
> one being 10.xxx.  I can then ssh, say, from either system to the other
> using IP addresses in either 192 or 10 networks.
> On my desktop computer, connected by Ethernet cable to the same network
> (192.xxx), plugging the USB cable from the Gemini to the desktop does
> not lead to a new connection being made on the desktop computer.  I can
> connect to the USB network (nmcli device connect ...) but it disconnects
> me from the wireless (and vice versa).
> Would somebody please point me to the right magical incantation that
> would allow my desktop computer to have both connections active
> simultaneously?

If NM is like wicd, it can only handle one connection at a time.

What I would do is to set up your 10.xxx connection in /e/n/i which
should mean that NM doesn't know about it or touch it. I assume
you'll need a route as you can't go through the gateway.


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