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connecting to two networks simultaneously on buster


I have a laptop running buster (testing) which connects to my wireless
network (192.xxx).  I also have a new Gemini PDA (also running Debian
but stretch in this case) which connects to the same network.  So far,
so normal.

However, I can connect the Gemini PDA via USB cable to the laptop and
both systems will have two different networks available, with the USB
one being 10.xxx.  I can then ssh, say, from either system to the other
using IP addresses in either 192 or 10 networks.

On my desktop computer, connected by Ethernet cable to the same network
(192.xxx), plugging the USB cable from the Gemini to the desktop does
not lead to a new connection being made on the desktop computer.  I can
connect to the USB network (nmcli device connect ...) but it disconnects
me from the wireless (and vice versa).

Would somebody please point me to the right magical incantation that
would allow my desktop computer to have both connections active


Eric S Fraga via Emacs 27.0.50 & org 9.1.13 on Debian buster/sid

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