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Re: Microsoft Does It Again


On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 05:48:31PM +0200, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
> > Is there a Linux application that will allow me to recover the
> > contents of the file?
> As others have said, LibreOffice should do. I don't know about xlsx2csv,

It's the *best*. Small, relatively lightweight, and does the job in
milliseconds. The output is limited to CSV though.

> but an apt search on my box yields
>   tomas@trotzki:~$ apt search ooxml
>   Sorting... Done
>   Full Text Search... Done
>   docx2txt/stable,stable,stable 1.4-0.1 all
>     Convert Microsoft OOXML files to plain text

Not relevant. Input is xlsx.

>   libapache-poi-java/stable,stable,stable 3.10.1-3 all
>     Apache POI - Java API for Microsoft Documents
>   libapache-poi-java-doc/stable,stable,stable 3.10.1-3 all
>     Apache POI - Java API for Microsoft Documents (Documentation)

Suggesting using Java to parse XML in ZIP archive can be considered
cruel and unusual punishment in certain countries. Besides, these are
library and a documentation. Implementation of working parser is left as
an exercise to a reader.

>   libexcel-writer-xlsx-perl/stable,stable,stable 0.95-1 all
>     module to create Excel spreadsheets in xlsx format

That one's good, with one *litte* problem.
Making the thing output any sensible result is *very* painful.

>   unoconv/stable,stable,stable 0.7-1.1 all
>     converter between LibreOffice document formats

Don't. Just don't. unoconv is an ugly python script that launches
headless Libreoffice and feeds the file to a resulting web-service.
It has all the disadvantages of Libreoffice (CPU/Memory consumption,
abysmal parsing speed, Libreoffice format limitations), and a single
gain - an ability to batch-convert files.

If Libreoffice is unable to open it - unoconv will do one absolutely no

Also, 'apt search xlsx'.


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