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Re: Disable new feature on Jessie / KDE 4.14.2

On 8/16/18, rhkramer@gmail.com <rhkramer@gmail.com> wrote:
> There is a new (to me) feature on my Jessie / KDE 4.14.2 which I do not like
> and would like to disable -- I don't even know what to call it to try
> googling
> for it, so:
> I will describe it:
> If I move the mouse to the upper left hand corner of the screen, the display
> changes to show all the open windows from all desktops.  (They are shown on
> a
> darker background in sort of a darker / skeleton like mode (not a good
> description, but I can't immediately think of a better one).)
> (I can then click on any one of them to switch to that window (and the
> assocaiated desktop), or press escape to get back to the desktop I'm on.)
> I've been living with this for several months, but I haven't trained myself
> to
> avoid the (to me) problem.
> What I am usually doing when this happens is moving the mouse to the top of
> the page to choose something off the toolbar (often the Klipper icon -- the
> klipper icon is some distance from the upper left corner, but, nevertheless,
> too often I move the mouse too far and get this undesired "mode").  I
> suppose
> I could move the Klipper icon to the other end of the tool bar, but that
> would
> involve more (self) retraining.
> So, I'd appreciate help in any number of ways:
>    * ideally, how to disable the feature
>    * otherwise, the name of the feature or some key words that I might use
> to
> google for the feature (so that I can look for a way to disable it)
> Thanks!

Alternative fix up top here before I write my original thought about
it: If no option exists to trigger that feature on and off, you could
try adding some space between the icons so that they're not sitting so
close together. You have to play around with the properties (or
similar) for the affected "panel" to make that happen.

You might even be able to move that to a completely different location
on a different panel somewhere else on your desktop, now that I think
about it. Maybe even create a panel that completely hides out of sight
offscreen until you want it. THAT option has its own caveats. I CAN'T
STAND when my cursor rests somewhere for a second, and a panel starts
playing peek-a-boo in the meantime........... :))

Now my original thought...........

I'm not familiar with the exact feature you're describing, but Xfce4
displays tiny icons that each represent however many "workspaces" I
choose to have available. The word "tooltip" *MIGHT* apply to what it
SOUNDS LIKE you might be describing.

If it's the same or similar to what I think you're talking about, mine
only offers textual tooltips. I kind of like what it sounds like
you're describing, BUT I fully understand what you're saying. I've
experienced a similar VERY NEGATIVE reaction when something similar
occurs for each open tab in various web browsers.

I just tried rightclicking over top of my workspace icons to see what
options might be available via that route. *Mine* within Xfce4 offer
very few possibilities. Unfortunately those few possibilities do not
include a way to hide those completely, thus avoiding running the
cursor over them.

Suggesting this anyway in case maybe yours offers the ability to turn
those visual images (?) off so that maybe at least you only encounter
smaller textual representations instead....

Again, my experience is within Xfce4. I have no idea what might be
available for other desktop environments. If no user *_CHOICE_*
options are offered to control what it SOUNDS LIKE you're describing,
you can always file a wishlist reportbug report asking if the
developers would please consider adding an on/off toggle to a future

Hopefully maybe whatever you're using does at least offer a chance to
make those smaller/less intrusive, anyway.

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

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