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Re: Routing all traffic trough VPN

On 2018-08-06, Joe <joe@jretrading.com> wrote:
> I believe it should happen by default, this is almost always what you
> want. I'm fairly sure I've never had to ask for this.
> When the VPN connects, Network Manager should adjust routing so that
> the VPN becomes the default gateway. To disable this behaviour, there
> is a tick box somewhere in IP properties of the VPN connection, I think.

It actually does the thing automatically, but I cannot get any
Internet connection when the VPN is enabled. 

>From the other side, when I use the OpenVPN on the android all traffic
is rerouted correctly via VPN (my router) so I can have internet
connection as I would sit at home. How can I configure it on Debian so
I will have the same situation? Which Info sould I provide you in
oorder to give some concrete help?


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