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Re: Routing all traffic trough VPN

On Mon, 6 Aug 2018 09:48:02 -0000 (UTC)
zaxonxp <zaxonxp45@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> On Debian Stretch I managed to configure VPN connection using network-
> manager. Now I would like to redirect all traffic to VPN (whenever
> VPN is available) and revert back to current state (if VPN is not
> available).
> The only problem is that I do not know how to do this.

I believe it should happen by default, this is almost always what you
want. I'm fairly sure I've never had to ask for this.

When the VPN connects, Network Manager should adjust routing so that
the VPN becomes the default gateway. To disable this behaviour, there
is a tick box somewhere in IP properties of the VPN connection, I think.


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