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Re: Installing package *NOT* in repository

On Wed, Aug 15, 2018 at 01:26:48AM -0400, Kenneth Parker wrote:
 This brings up a question:  If I am Installing something outside of the Packaging Infrastructure (usually, via a TarBall), I  usually install inside of my Home Directory (for example, using $PATH for ~/bin).  If I  *MUST*  make it available to other  Users, I use the /usr/local/* directories.  Now the question:  Does dpkg have options for doing this?  (Or would I need to, still use the "tarball"?  (The reason I  bring up dpkg, is that it, at least gives "lip service" to Dependencies).  Thanks in advance,  Kenneth Parker

Take a look at the "checkinstall" program. Essentially, you run this instead of "make install" and it will build a deb file out of the installation. The deb file can then be treated as a normal package (i.e. installed, copied to another machine and installed there, uninstalled, dpkg-repack'd and so on).

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