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Re: Installing package *NOT* in repository

On 13.08.18 06:47, Richard Owlett wrote:
> I've downloaded a .deb file.
> I've recently done such an install but don't remember how.
> Looking at the man pages for apt, apt-get, aptitude didn't help.
> Couldn't come up with useful search term for wiki.
> Eventually recalled "dpkg -i" which worked.
> How would someone find the answer if the answer wasn't already known?
> I went thru the same sequence last time.

Personal survival notes, arranged by topic, focused on how a task was
accomplished last time, and with searchable tags of some sort. My 420+
pages of bumpf has accumulated over 3 decades, so some of it is perhaps
dated now, but still preserves what sanity remains.

If I search for "PACKAGE INSTALL:" or "\.DEB:", it's my first hit, as I
uppercase headings & tags shoved over to the RHS for minimal
intrusiveness. The trailing ':' may be superfluous, but reminds me I
intend it to be a tag.

The whole thing is just a plain text file, edited and read with Vim,
using multi-level folding, so it all presents as a one-page TOC. My
version is probably of limited use to anyone else, as it e.g. only deals
with dpkg and apt-get in the current context. All else is completely

Now that we have google, I must admit that there's an alternative, but
it won't tell you whether that's what you did last time, giving the
particular outcome which you prefer, or confidence of the same result.


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