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Slow boot

I can push the power on button on my laptop, go and make coffee and
come back and wait a few minutes before I can work.

The following services each takes longer than 10 seconds to activate:

 systemd-analyze blame
    1min 21.617s apt-daily.service
     1min 2.473s systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service
      1min 926ms console-setup.service
         47.192s postgresql@10-main.service
         38.873s exim4.service
         29.176s shorewall.service
         23.365s wicd.service
         22.402s mariadb.service
         18.925s nmbd.service
         13.917s udisks2.service
         13.177s ModemManager.service
         11.865s libvirtd.service

I can disable apt-daily.service but I do not think the system will
work properly if I disable the second.  The third one (console-setup)
seems to have a bug:

systemd[1]: Failed to start Set console font and keymap.
It is looking for a file (symbols/us-intl) that does not exist
Aug 14 08:02:55 sitasie console-setup.sh[769]: setupcon: The keyboard
model is unknown, assuming 'pc105'. Keyboard may be configured
Aug 14 08:03:55 sitasie console-setup.sh[769]: /usr/bin/ckbcomp: Can
not find file "symbols/us-intl" in any known directory

This is the joy that I get since systemd became the standard.


Because experiencing your loyal love is better than life itself,
my lips will praise you.  (Psalm 63:3)

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