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Re: Installing package *NOT* in repository

Richard Owlett wrote:

> I've downloaded a .deb file.
> I've recently done such an install but don't remember how.
> Looking at the man pages for apt, apt-get, aptitude didn't help.
> Couldn't come up with useful search term for wiki.
> Eventually recalled "dpkg -i" which worked.
> How would someone find the answer if the answer wasn't already known?
> I went thru the same sequence last time.

  i usually start with man pages by habit so:

$ man -k deb

  and then look through the list of replies and
see what catches my interest and then look at what
those man pages say:

  one is:

"dpkg (1)             - package manager for Debian"

$ man dpkg

  there are other more general references available
too that describe overall operation of a Debian system
and what can be done.

  debian-reference and debian-handbook...


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