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Re: mailing list vs "the futur"

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am DATE hackte Dan Purgert in die Tasten:
>> Thanks for the explanation.  At some point I may have to look into it
>> in
>> more detail -- although since I run my MTA (well, at least for the
>> mail
>> that matters) that does sorting serverside, might not do me any good.
> I would say, your MTA has nothing to do with it.
> If you run your own Server and your MTA receive a new message,
> let it point to procmail and sort it. I assum, you access the
> server trough IMAP so the next time you connect with your
> prefered MUA or Squirrelmail you will see the mesages nicely
> sorted.

Yeah, and as part of that, the MTA hands off to sieve (or perhaps
that's the Dovecot process that invokes sieve).  So *also* handing off
to procmail makes no real improvement.

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