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Re: question about the kernel

On Thu, 9 Aug 2018, Reco wrote:


On Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 08:15:42AM +0100, mick crane wrote:
Am I right in thinking that the kernel is a single codebase agreed between
all the kernel developers at any particular date

No. As [1] shows us, there's a mainline branch (aka to-be-released
kernel), stable branch (aka released kernel) and longterm support

For the record, I looked for the referent of "[1]", but couldn't find
any pointer in Reco's message or OP's.

So I made a wild guess and went to


There I saw the list of downloads on the front page:

| mainline: 4.18-rc8 | stable: 4.17.14 | longterm: 4.14.62 | longterm: 4.9.119 | longterm: 4.4.147 | longterm: 3.18.118 [EOL] | longterm: 3.16.57 | linux-next: next-20180809

I'm going update my CV now: "Accomplished mind reader"

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