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Re: Brother or Canon; not both

On Wed 08 Aug 2018 at 19:12:09 -0500, Allen Hoover wrote:

> Ever since upgrading some customized Debian 64bit systems to Debian 8, I've
> had trouble with the Canon UFRII printer drivers.  I've now been
> testing this issue on a vanilla Debian 8, and Debian 9 system with the
> same issues on both.
> I use official Brother printer drivers which are i386 only, so have
> multi-arch installed, and the libc6-i386 package.  The Canon UFRII
> package installs fine, but when printing with any of those drivers the
> following error shows in the status: "Idle - src =
> libcanon_pdlwrapper.c, line = 514, err = 0nError Response:ReqNo=2,
> SeqNo=3,opvpErrorNo=-2".  If I uninstall the libc6-i386 package, the
> Canon drivers dont't throw an error, but the official Brother drivers
> quit working. The Brother doesn't indicate any error, but it simply
> prints nothing.
> This was very repeatable on the 3 different systems( 2 systems were
> fresh installs) I've tried.  Its like an On/Off switch, install
> libc6-i386 and only one brand works, un-install and the only the other
> brand works

Printer models, please.


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