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Re: (finished)Re: how to prevent security update installation during stretch installation

On 08/02/2018 01:05 AM, Long Wind wrote:
to David Christensen: your solutions is complex,

I assume you are referring to "configure your Internet gateway to block traffic between the host and the Internet". Learning about Internet gateways in general, and about your gateway in particular, is an important system administration skill. Effort invested here will pay many rewards going forward.

and my cdrom is bad. if it's good, i can install by cdrom, with network disconnected. buy a new cdrom? cdrom is cheap, but IMHO internet has replaced cdrom, cdrom isn't useful except installing software.

I tend to use USB flash drives, as many newer computers no longer include optical drives. But, I do keep optical drives in the older machines because their BIOS can be incompatible with bootable USB flash drives.

to all:
it seems that there's no easy answer to my question
i may have to put up with security update

It is best to keep your systems up-to-date with respect to security patches.

hopefully this time debian 9.5 will not cause trouble
(debian 9.4 with security update has problem)

i'm not interested in spending any more energy on such trivial issue.
Thanks to all who reply!



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