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Setting default network device in Buster

I'm just getting back to Debian and Linux after a few years' absence -
sorry if this is a simplistic question. I installed testing/Buster on
a newly built desktop machine that has both onboard gigabit ethernet
and a wireless Atheros NIC. Both devices were recognized during the
install, and I set the wired interface as the default to minimize any
connectivity issues.

Now my machine is up and running, and I want the wireless device to
always be brought up and used as the default.  What is the best
unix/Debian way to get this set up properly?  Within KDE, it connects
to my home network without issues as if the machine were a laptop, but
it does not appear to have an active connection when KDE is "asleep".
In particular, if I reboot it, I can't ssh into it from my MacBook
until I sign into KDE, and if KDE goes to sleep, I lose the ability to
ssh in within a few minutes. I'm not sure any of this is really a
function of KDE, but the behavior is certainly correlated.

Thanks for any help, and sorry if this is basic stuff any linux user
should know.  I'm a surgeon, not an engineer or admin. Also, I've
tried posting a few times unsuccessfully but I think the problem was
that I didn't use plain text. So, sorry if this is a duplicate.

David Bruce

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