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Unix.Trojan.Vali-6606621-0 FOUND


I have recently received a following mail from root

Please see the log file attached.


/usr/bin/messages.mailutils: Unix.Trojan.Vali-6606621-0 FOUND
/usr/bin/systemd-mount: Unix.Trojan.Vali-6606621-0 FOUND

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------

Known viruses: 9549712
Engine version: 0.99.4
Scanned directories: 22397
Scanned files: 98762
Infected files: 2
Total errors: 18457
Data scanned: 4463.86 MB
Data read: 4123.41 MB (ratio 1.08:1)
Time: 927.686 sec (15 m 27 s)

Which package can contain this virus? What should I do to remove it? Is
it serious threat?

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