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Re: USB Host-Host cables

On 06/19/2018 07:43 AM, Curt wrote:
On 2018-06-19, rhkramer@gmail.com <rhkramer@gmail.com> wrote:

You either subscribe to Owlett's idiosyncratic, infuriatingly
wrong-headed, utterly intractable and narrow world or you do not.

I [the OP] state:
"Who?" "ME?" "Idiosyncratic?"
*ROFL*, SNICKER, CHUckle, chuckle ;/
Only for about three quarters of a century.

When I ask questions, I *have* done my homework. AND, wish my questions being read _literally_.

With the benefit of input from this forum, I've asked related questions elsewhere.

One response was:>
One important thing to bear in mind, no one here seems to know
the answer to your question (perhaps because we don't really
know what your question is).
The right, free-open-source choice here is to face and
slay the dragon yourself, and then report back.

I've yet to "slay the dragon".
But I claim to have wounded it by posting:
   a bibliography
   a very preliminary of an outline

Stay tuned ;/

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