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Re: A newer kernel for my genesi smartbook

Le 13/06/2018 à 21:25, Robert Pommrich a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am a still proud owner of a genesi smartbook.
> It is still running wheezy with a kernel in version 2.6.31 with Uboot as
> boot loader.
> Someone told me, that the hardware should be supported by now by a
> mainline kernel.
> I don't know how to find out, if the hardware is really supported, nor
> how to build a mainline kernel and integrate it with Uboot.
> Please help me.
> Best regards,
> Robert

the easyest way to do what you want would probably to try one of the
3.16 kernels from wheezy-backports:

you would also have to tell uboot to boot this kernel

Another way (without building a kernel) would be to upgrade to a
maintained version of Debian for ARM: Stretch (Debian 9). You could do
that either by upgrading online (Wheezy->Jessie, then Jessie->Stretch, a
direct Wheezy->Stretch being much more risky) or by a fresh install of
A benefit from Stretch would be the avaibility of grub-uboot:

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