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Re: akondadi - should be really improved!

Hi Mark,
> Hans,
> I'm running KMail version 5.5.2.  From what you report, it sounds to me like
> you are running an older version.  The version I run allows me to select

No, I don't. Mine is version 5.7.3 (debian/testing). But that is not the 
point. The point is, that akonadi is slow from the beginning on.

> multiple e-mails and delete them all at once.  To be fair, all is not
> perfect. Sometimes an e-mail comes in which can not be deleted.  To deal
> with that, I downloaded and use akonadiconsole.  Once you get the hang of
> it (took me about 5 minutes) you can find and delete those e-mails easily.

Yes, and this behavior appears also from the beginning on. It is annoying. I 
had the hope, that it will be fixed some day. But it is not, even after years.
I do not want to blame someone, as I respect the time and efforts, the 
developers give for the community. But when it is not fixed, maybe it should 
be dropped. 
> (for others) I do not want to enter into the Trinity vs current version
> debate.

I am using Trinity besides Plasma, but kmail-trinity and kmail-plasma can not 
use the same mail share. At the moment I just sync two mail folders. 
On the other hand, it is impressive, how smooth Trinity is running and you 
see, that there is a lot of heartblood in it.

> Best of luck,
> Mark

Best regards


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